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About Us


Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Cona requires the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct from our directors, officers and employees. Our reputation among our shareholders for honesty and integrity is key to the success of our business. No employee will be permitted to achieve results through violations of laws or regulations, or through unscrupulous dealings. The Code of Conduct (see the link below) reflects our commitment to a culture of honesty, integrity and accountability and outlines the basic principles and policies with which all directors, officers and employees are expected to comply.

Code of Conduct

Investigation of Complaints Policy

It is the policy of Cona to observe high ethical standards in all of its activities. In matters of financial integrity (including fraud, misappropriation of assets or other financial misconduct), corporate reporting and disclosure, accounting and auditing and internal accounting and auditing controls, and compliance with applicable securities laws, in particular, Cona seeks to ensure that all transactions and corporate assets are properly accounted for and that all audits and investigations are thorough and complete. It is also important to Cona that it maintains the confidence of employees, consultants, shareholders, customers, suppliers, regulators and the public in the quality of its accounting and general standards of business conduct. The Investigation of Complaints policy (see link below) provides these guidelines.

Investigation of Complaints

Disclosure Policy

The objective of the disclosure policy (see link below) is to ensure that communications to the investing public about Cona and its subsidiaries are: timely, factual and accurate; and broadly disseminated in accordance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Disclosure Policy

Restricted Trading Policy

Securities laws prohibit directors, officers and employees and any person in a special relationship with Cona and its subsidiaries from buying or selling securities of Cona while having material information which has not yet been made public by Cona. These laws also prohibit such information from being passed on to others (including to a spouse, relative or friend). Also, certain directors and officers of Cona and its subsidiaries are subject to reporting obligations under Canadian securities laws. Violation of these laws could result in prosecution and termination of Cona’s association with the offending person and could seriously adversely affect Cona. The purpose of this policy (see link below) is to safeguard against violations of such laws.

Restricted Trading Policy

Privacy Policy

Cona is committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality and security of your personal information. The Privacy Policy sets out the manner in which Cona collects, uses, discloses and otherwise manages your personal information. This Privacy Policy (see link below) applies to the privacy practices at Cona with respect to individuals.

External Privacy Policy