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Where We Are

Cona has a focused and concentrated asset base of approximately 160,000 net acres along the Alberta and Saskatchewan border with over 99% of its lands located in Saskatchewan.

The Corporation believes that its assets offer strategically located mineral rights, high access to infrastructure, significant identifiable optimization, and development and enhancement potential.

Cona’s oil assets include two types of pools, the conventional higher viscosity heavy oil Lloydminster Mannville pools, and the lower viscosity heavy oil found in the Kerrobert Bakken pools. The Corporation’s lower viscosity pools typically exhibit insitu viscosities commonly below 1,000 cP. The low viscosity oil is found primarily in the Mississippian Bakken formation. These pools typically respond favourably to infill drilling, waterflooding, and polymer. The Corporation’s higher viscosity oil pools exhibit dead oil viscosities in the range of 4,000-36,000 cP at reservoir temperatures. These oil reservoirs are found in the Cretaceous Mannville Formations, and respond favourably to infill drilling and potentially steam injection.

A lower viscosity oil resource base allows for more options to deploy multiple development strategies.

Below is the map of the progression of viscosity from the Athabasca Oil Sands to the Bakken oil fairway where the majority of Cona’s assets are located. Note that the majority of Cona’s lands are within area D with some lands in area C.

cona map3

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